• October 2016 (October 9, 2016)

    Greetings loyal Hellions! 

    I've been uploading new and "classic" images to the site for two years now, and because of the greater amount of total content available, I've slightly increased the monthly subscription fee to $8 for new members.

    There will also be a charge of $15 for the first month of a new membership. This is to (hopefully) discourage people from joining, downloading everything, then quitting all in one day, and will make it fairer for me when that inevitably happens. If you are a loyal member the fee stays at its fixed level of $5.

    Another reason for the price change is that the US Dollar has been getting a bit weaker (and/or the NewZealand dollar stronger), and so it doesn't go as far as it used to. 

    Also, you may have noticed that there has been just two updates per month instead of three. This is partly because I've been doing a lot of work this year that the client hasn't allowed me to post , because it was created specifically for his own website. Also, I've been working my way through all my older pics, and I'm trying to pace myself so I dont run out of content.

    However, I've almost finished my Kim Possible comic, and will be adding it to the site soon. So I hope you'll stick around for that.

    Finally, I've joined Twitter, at #DrewGardnerArt , so you can tune in for updates about my current projects.

    Oh, and I was banned from DeviantArt in case you were wondering.    Yipee.

    A wholehearted thankyou to all members, I deeply appreciate your support!  


  • April 2016 (April 21, 2016)

    I've been meaning to post new blog entries more often, but the months just fly by!

    I'll give you all a few hint of what's to come over the next few updates.

    "Ivy Lingerie" is the latest new pic. She's my favourite Soul-Calibur character, and I've wanted to do an up-to-date image of her for some time now.

    Also, Update 083 will feature my latest Jessica Rabbit art; "Jessica Pretzel", the sketch of which was recently posted on my DeviantArt page:

    After that, an image of Gogo from "Big Hero 6" looking cool as a cucumber while wearing a very sleek thong bodysuit and custom-built skates.

    I drew a few cartoon MILF bondage images including Lois Griffin, and a bit later, Jane Jetson. I'm planing a kinky Judy Jetson pic as well.

    There's also a hot image of Mandy from "Totally Spies" Lotus-tied and stripped of most of her jogging gear. Bitch had it coming!

    Then Ahsoka the fetish french-maid/ sex-slave will be revealed, tottering along on ballet-boots..

    Sexy bear Rebecca Cunningham gets the string bikini treatment next, followed by another Big Hero 6 character; Honey Lemon, in humiliating rope-bondage and enormous ball-gag!

     Stay tuned for other great scenes like Sakura from "Naruto" defeated and bound, Batgirl getting penetrated by Harley Quinn and plenty of other gnarly stuff!

    I also "remastered" a few older images, like Danger-Girl, Irma, and Ponygirl Kim Possible, by tweaking lighting effects, cleaning up rough edges and colouring outlines, and they'll be posted soon too.

    A huge thankyou to everyone who joined LovelyHell, especially those who have loyally stuck around from the start!



    P.S,  please dont repost any of the images you download from LovelyHell. I know at least one unsportsmanlike culprit has done it, and it's not appreciated!

     I rely on the proceeds from the membership fees to put food on the table and keep making new art!



  • Hell's Anniversary (September 7, 2015)

    Greetings loyal members of LovelyHell!

    The site's been up and running for a year now, and I offer a hearty thanks and much good-will to all my members, especially those of you who were with me from the start!

    I hope you're enjoying the Soviet-Girl story so far (It's just starting to get juicy!), and following that will be my new Kim & Shego comic.

    Also coming up, we've got Mikasa in a reverse-prayer tie, Vanessa Doofenshmirtz gift-wrapped, Ashley Eckstein and Femi Taylor turned into StarWars sex-dolls against their will, Princess Jasmine in skimpy Genie attire, Jessica Rabbit in fetish gear (corset, armbinder etc), Starfire in a very short rubber skirt, Riven getting intimate with Zac, and  the Totally Spies girls having their skintight rubber suits literally painted on!

     I'm working on Leona and MissFortune from "League of Legends" tied together naked, gagged and all sweaty from their struggles, plus the curvy blonde lifeguard from "Lilo & Stitch" getting assaulted by robotic tentacles in a multi-variant image.

    Remember, if you have any suggestions of characters you'd like to see me draw, just drop me a line at:

    Thanks everyone!


  • Please don't repost (September 18, 2014)

    Hey everyone,

     I'm sure you're all trustworthy folk, but I just want to make a request:

    There is blogs around that re-post art like mine, with people eager to get their hands on exclusive content for free.

    So please keep the images you download from LovelyHell to yourself, if you can. (Particularly pics that aren't up on Deviantart or Tumblr).

    If these guys get a hold of the good stuff, it'll undermine the site, and will prevent me from expanding and improving as much as I'd like.


    Speaking of expanding, some members have requested sequential pages, and it's something I'm interested in doing down the line. I've got a few projects I need to get out of the way first, but I plan to give it a try sooner or later.


    Thanks again to all new members!


  • Welcome to Hell! (September 10, 2014)

    Hi everybody!

    Firstly thanks to all new members! I appreciate you joining, and I'll do my best to keep the fresh content coming.

    I've been working on new exclusive images (Like Lara's buns. Velma, Daphne) especially for Lovelyhell.

    The site itself is still new, and has the expected teething problems, but I'm working with the technical types to iron out any wrinkles.

    If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can.

    Also, if you have any favourite characters you'd like me to draw, drop me a line. I'm working on Chel and April Oneill, and am open to suggestions!

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